High heels for Babies, a product that has the internet divided


The presure to follow fashion trends can be exhausting. Critics of the fashion industry say that organizations often market products that we don’t need and it is only a type of consumerism. Adding to that trend is an organization in US that manufactures high heels for babies. Yes, that’s right! The organization makes pumps for infants from 0-6 months promoting them as a ‘cute fashion accessory’ for infants. “Pee Wee Pumps will be your little girl’s first fashion statement”, says the site.

The organization came under fire recently when a UK-based watch group posted about the item on Facebook which invited angry comments from parents who expressed worries over sexualisation of children and the effect of the item on their feet.

The author Michele Holbrook, addressing Today, guarded the item and said that the shoes are made of cotton and are delicate soled. “The heels are collapsible and there is no harm to the infant’s foot”, she included.

Her defence didn’t convince some people. “This is a horrible on so many levels. Infant heels?!?!?! They’re ugly as hell, none of the children on this page look happy and babies don’t belong in heels!!!!! Babies aren’t dolls. These ladies wanna treat their baby girls like accessories instead of human beings. This is infuriating”, said a client on Instagram.

“”If this isn’t the saddest thing I ever seen”, said another client.

Despite the criticism, many still put their queries to purchase the item, as observed on their Instagram page.