High-fat diet in pregnancy may increase breast cancer risk


A new study revealed that high-fat diet in pregnancy may up the risk of breast cancer over generations. Nourishing pregnant female mice a diet high in fat derived from ordinary corn oil resulted in genetic modification that considerably augmented the vulnerability of breast cancer in three generations of female offspring.

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Senior author Leena Hilakivi-Clarke, professor of oncology at the Georgetown University has also conveyed that, environmental and life-style factors, such as diet, plays a dangerous role in rising human breast cancer risk and we use animal models to disclose the biological mechanisms accountable for the augment in risk in women and their female progeny.

Research exposed that a number of genetic alterations in the first and third female generations of mice that were fed high-fat diets throughout pregnancy, counting numerous genes associated in women to augmented breast cancer risk, improved resistance to cancer treatment, poor cancer prognosis and impaired anti-cancer immunity.

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The investigational mice got 40 per cent of their energy from fat and the control mice got a usual diet that provided 18 per cent of their force from fat. As per the study, the distinctive human diet now consists of 33 per cent fat.

Hilakivi-Clarke has also further conveyed that, pregnant women take more fat than non-pregnant women and the augment takes place between the first and second trimester.