High Court: Steps taken in Law Officer Selection must be transparent


Chennai: Underscoring the Supreme Court judgment that exclusive skillful legal counselors must be named as law officers to speak to the legislature in courts, and that political association alone ought not be the central component, the Madras high court has tried to comprehend what strategy was received by the Tamil Nadu government to choose the present arrangement of law officers.

Situation in India not facist, but can grow if allowed to says Sitaram Yechury

The principal seat of Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice R Mahadevan, communicating worry over the way in which law officers were picked for the occupation, said, “The state government must appear with respect to what methodology, assuming any, was taken after for making these arrangements, as additionally in different governments instrumentalities, and produce the records demonstrating the procedure and meetings made for this benefit.”

Engagement of gathering functionaries and favored applicants as law officers by progressive government, neglecting meriting contender for general society posts, was highlighted by a PIL documented by supporter Vasanthakumar, who alluded to the Surpeme Court request in the State of Punjab and another Vs Brijeshswar Singh Chahal case.

The summit court had set out ‘certain lawfully unexceptionable recommendations,’ and said law officer posts had an open component and that open interest ought to be unaffected. The main seat, objecting to the state government’s position that delegating law officers was an ‘unadulterated private right,’ said the justification for the Supreme Court request was to guarantee that exclusive able legal advisors spoke to the administration, so that the administration’s advantage was appropriately ensured in courts.

Refering to the summit court governing, the seat said, “without any statutory arrangements requiring such arrangements, straightforwardness, objectiveness and decency would require a consultative procedure with the region and sessions judge and the main equity, individually for arrangement at the region and HC levels.”

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