High Alert in Aurangabad: Water released from dams in Nashik


AURANGABAD: On Wednesday water discharged from upstream dams in Nashik has shaped havoc in Vaijapur and Gangapur talukas of Aurangabad reasons the death of one person and migration of 2,200 others at securer places. From Wednesday morning around 300 occupants of Shindewadi in Vaijapur taluka obtain sanctuary on a hillock close to the hamlet as numerous areas commenced immerse in the Godavari flood waters. By Wednesday evening a National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) squad arrived the village and began rescue processes.

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Concurrently, more than 50 villages from Dongaon were partially flooded. Resident deputy collector Vishwambhar Gawande has also further conveyed that, the release of water from upstream dams had shot up to 2.21 lakh cusec (cubic foot per second) near Nandur-Madhmeshwar in the wee hours of Wednesday, which steadily caused flood-like circumstances on villages situated on the banks of Godavari river and its tributaries. By Wednesday evening he has also further conveyed that, with the rain taking a pause in Nashik region, water discharge from upstream dams abridged gradually. We expect water from villages facing flood-like situation to recede commencing from midnight. Residents of Dongaon, Bavtara, Lakhgaon, Purangaon, Nagmathan, Babhulgaon, Saykheda, Nandurdhok and Wanjargaon villages from Vaijapur taluka and Amalner, Haibatpur and Nevargaon from Gangapur taluka of Aurangabd district had to bear the brunt of excess discharge of water from Nashik dams.

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Road-connectivity to some of these districts was disrupted for many hours due to the flood-like circumstances. District administration said several acres of farms from Gangapur and Vaijapur talukas were damaged as flood waters go into the fields. Prashant Mohan Sawai, a 22-year-old of Mauje Awalgaon in Vaijapur taluka, cut down into the flood water and was rescued from drowning by locals. He was instantly rushed to nearby hospital, where he breathed his previous on Wednesday evening.