Here’s what Salman Khan talks about Aamir Khan


Owing to the 25 years that Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have given to the industry, the brotherhood goes back to a period when the two had just begun as actors. Much the same as any other friendship, their relationship too faced the test of the times. However, in the recent past whenever Salman and Aamir talk about each other, there are just great wishes and praises.

One such incident is when Aamir in a current meeting talked about getting Salman married. The topic of Salman’s marriage has been doing rounds as far back as the performing artist managed to carve himself a space in the industry. a lot has been said and speculated about his marriage and his plans to get married. Aamir too in a recent interaction said that he would tie Salman’s hands and legs and get him married.

So when a journalist told Salman about Aamir’s comment, the performer, at his wittiest best was quick to respond, “Yes, I have read somewhere that Aamir wants to make me get married and is ready to tie my hands and feet. I can just retort that I have additionally chosen to tie his hands and feet to see to it that he doesn’t get married a third time in his life.”