Here’s why Salman Khan sacked his bodyguards


Recently there were reports of Salman Khan sacking a couple of his bodyguards that did the rounds in the media. It was alleged that the reason for the sudden sacking was because of their discreetly leaking  the information of the “Tubelight” performer’s whereabouts to the press.

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However, according to close sources to the information, it was found that the security guard misbehaved with one of Salman’s visitors at a recent event.

A current source uncovered to a leading daily, ” At a recent event, the gatekeepers were given the duty of the security of a handful of Salman’s guests. One visitor got into an argument with one particular guard over the latter not being humble enough to greet him. When the guard replied back, the guest got irked. He slapped the guard just to be slapped back, as the guard would have none of this unacceptable behaviour. ”

Another security guard who wanted his identity to be concealed, anonymously uncovered, ” We all were sacked because one of us had the guts to advise bhai to remove the guard at fault. Why should the others lose out because of him?” To which Salman angrily answered, “You’re talking excessively.” “Salman bhai is a good human, however his fluctuating moods govern his life. “