Here parents teach their children to drink cigarette

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Everyone knows cigarette drinking cigarettes is injurious to health. Every parent teaches their children from childhood to stay away from it. But today we are telling you about a place where parents teach their children to smoke cigarettes with great affection.

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All other countries run different types of campaigns to avoid smoking, but on the other hand, people inspire themselves to smoke their children. Let us know that this place is Portugal Epiphany festival is going on in the country of “de de Selgueiro” in this country called Portugal, and in this celebration, all people inspire their younger children to smoke cigarettes.

In this celebration, according to the local tradition, people inspire children above 5 years of age to smoke. However, the minimum limit for smoking in Portugal is 18 years. This Christian festival of Portugal is criticized all over the world but there is no one against this inhuman practice. People here have been practicing this tradition for years and buy many cigarette packets for their children.

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The biggest thing is that the people of Portugal are learning to smoke their younger children under this celebration and there is no law to stop it. In this way an inhuman practice is being played with the health of the children by giving them the name of religion. These children are very soon become victims of smoking and suffer from various diseases. In such a way, the government must make amendments in the law for such a tradition.


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