Heart-broken baby monkey in tears after mother died in road accident


ERODE: A baby monkey that lost its mother in an accident made each one of those saw the scene cry. The baby monkey sobbed sitting close to the remains of its mother that was knocked down by a speeding vehicle close Elanthur on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka National Highway on Friday.

“Losing a friend or family member will be difficult for not quite recently people. Creatures excessively grieve. We saw the baby monkey sobbing over the corpse of its mother,” said K Saravanan, who saw the scene.

The baby monkey saw its mother being thumped around a vehicle while she was intersection the road. It rushed to its mother that lay out and about. The baby monkey attempted to wake its mother and embraced her. It kept its ears on her trunk as though checking her pulse. Before long it understood that the mother had passed on, and it began to sob.

Police personnel, who came to think about the occurrence, reached the spot. They figured out how to keep the baby monkey far from the corpse. Villagers conveyed the cadaver to a graveyard. “The baby monkey hopped starting with one tree then onto the next tree and tailed us when we conveyed the remains,” said G Sathyanarayanan, another villager.

The villagers directed the last customs of the mother monkey within the sight of police and woods authorities while the baby monkey watched it from distance.