Healthy summer food that you must eat and drink!


Summer is the hottest season of the year. It seems to completely exhaust us out. Temperatures are on the high level. Most of the people feel dehydrated and low on energy in such a climate and look for healthy food. It mainly affects the elder people, children and sometimes lead to deaths due to heat strokes and summer boilers. During this season your body needs a perfect healthy food for the nourishment. Here are the foods that you must prefer during summer season :

Fruits – Fruits are the most beneficial instrument during summer season. It helps you to feel energised and active. Take 3 medium sized seasonal fruits a day and eat it at different time – it will help you to stay healthy and fit!

Vegetable juices – Fresh vegetable juices are most preferable at the time of summers. It work excellently to keep your body functioning beautifully. Lemon juice, water melon juice, musk melon juices, mango juice, papaya juice are the perfect drinks for summers. Just blend three different raw vegetables in mixie. Add half pulp back to the juice, top up with water. Drink immediately and daily!

Break up your meals:  Eat every 2 hours a day, it will work splendidly to maintain your sugar level. Breaking up of your meals will also provide you moderate supply of energy throughout the day. All you have to do is break your three square meals into smaller meals.

Be veggie in summer – Egg and dairy products will help you to beat fatigue. Red meat contains lot of saturated fat which won’t help you in summers. Also the body takes much time to digest it. So, avoid non-veg!

Salad Leaves:  Prefer  taking  Amarnath leaves, rocket leaves, basil during summers. Put it in a bowl and topped off with yogurt to make a great summer salad. It will help you to lose weight.

Aam Pana: Take two glasses of aam pana daily in summers. It will help you in constipation, digestion as well as chronic stomach problems. Make it at home to ensure the amount of sugar and salt that you have added.