Health benefits of Tamarind


Everyone gets water in mouth after listening to the name of tamarind. Because the taste of the tamarind is sweet and sour, everyone likes to eat tamarind. It is used for cooking, panipuri, and chutney. It is very beneficial for our health. Iron, calcium and fiber-like diseases stay away from the tamarind. Let’s know the benefits of tamarind.

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  1. Beneficial for cancer

Soak the tamarind in water and drink it everyday. In this, antioxidants are filled in abundance so that cancer-like diseases are removed.

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  1. Effective in fever

Fever gives quick answer when giving the tamarind juice to the patient with fever. Apart from this, vitamin B keeps c emunne clean, which does not cause stomach problems.

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  1. Sore throat

Drinking from the juice of tamarind gives relief to the sore throat, soak the turmeric paste and make a paste, then apply this paste on the face and it will remove your bloat.