Health benefits of Sapota


Sapota is very beneficial for our health. It contains plenty of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins A, C and iron.

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It is delicious in eating as well as it has many beneficial benefits. People who are suffering from cancer, if they consume sapota in enough quantity, then they can be cured soon. On the other hand sapota is considered beneficial for pregnant woman also. Apart from this mud apple has many other benefits:

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  • Vitamin-E and antioxidants is found in sapota. Regular consumption of it makes our skin shiny and glowing. It also removes all scars and wrinkles from face.
  • People suffering from the problem of constipation, sapota is considered beneficial for them. It is helpful in digesting food as it contains sufficient amounts of “fiber”.
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  • Apart from these, if sapota┬áis consumed regularly, it helps us in getting rid of the problem of hair loss. If oil made from sapota is put on hairs, the hair becomes very soft and shiny.
  • Consumption of Vitamin-A is very beneficial for our eyes and the sapota contains the sufficient amount of Vitamin-A.
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