Health Benefits of Eating food on Banana Leaf


In many states of South India, it is a tradition to serve food on banana leaf. Guests are served on the upper part of leaf whereas family members are being served on the lower part. Everyone dines together sitting on the grounds and eating with hands. Also it is big enough for the rice, meat, vegetables, curry and pickles being served all together.

The custom of eating on banana leaf is followed from thousands of years and still it is very much prevalent today. It is considered to be the healthiest way to eat food. Serving fresh and hot food on banana leaf let the nutrients present in leaf mixed in the food which is beneficial for the health.

Let’s have a quick look on the health benefits of banana leaf;

  1. Healthy Banana Leaf

Banana consists of large amount of plant-based ingredient Eppigallocatechin Gallate and polyphenol like Ijisiji which is also found in the green tea. Polyphenol actys as a natural anti-oxidant which fight free radicals and helps in preventing illness. Our digestive system cannot digest the banana leaf if eaten directly.

It is believed that anti-bacterial properties of leaves aids in killing germs present in the food that also reduced the risk of falling ill.

  1. Distinct smell

You will get a different kind of flavor and taste eating on banana leaf. Wax coating on banana leaf gives a subtle but distinct flavor. When hot food is placed on the leaf, wax gets melts and the flavor get mixed in the food giving it a better taste.

  1. Eco-friendly

People mostly use plastic or styrofoam plates when in need of disposable plates. So Banana plates are the best alternative for those who think for environmental friendly alternatives.Unlike plastic it doesn’t takes thousands of years to biodegrade, as it decomposes in a very short time.

  1. Hygiene Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf doesn’t require too much cleaning- just a little water to clean and it is ready to use. Places with high hygiene standards consider using banana leaf in spite of dirty plates.