Health Benefits of Custard Apple

  1. Beneficial for Skin and Hair:

Custard apple involves great amount of vitamin A that is very helpful in making skin, hair healthy. Its pulp is utilized to prevent boils and ulcers. It is very beneficial in preventing tooth decay and gum pain.

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  1. Weight booster:

Custard apples plays significant role in increasing the weight of a person. When custard apple is eaten along with honey, it aids to gain weight.

  1. Helpful During Pregnancy:

Custard apple is very beneficial in growing  the nervous system. Daily utilization of custard apple also decreases the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy. Pregnant lady must eat custard apple during pregnancy as it very helpful for making of breast milk.

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  1. Treats Asthma:

Custard apple involves vitamin B6 that aids to decrease the bronchial inflammation and treats asthmatic attacks.

  1. Protects Heart Attacks:

Custard Apple involves magnesium content that assists to protect the heart from cardiac attack. It contains, vitamin B6 in that protects homocystein compilation which also reduce the chances of heart problems

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  1. Prevents Digestion:

Custard apple involves  copper and fibre in great quantity which aids to prevent digestion disease. The problem of constipation also gets reduced by consuming custard apple.  You can also consume sun dried custard apple pulp in form of powder to treat diarrhea.