Having A Tattoo May Help You Getting A Job


Having a tattoo on your body can help you in getting a job. Some people believe that having a tattoo inked on your body can get you a job very easily in many fields as they believe tattoos attract the young generation and can prove as a boom for their businesses.

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A research showed that managers were selecting the people with tattoos for a hypothetical job such as of a bartender in a nightclub. They think that tattoos on staff’s body can convey an organization’s image very positively.

During a study by the scientists the managers were asked to imagine they were recruiting a bartender and to rate the faces on a scale of one to seven.  They gave the same face a higher score, 5.07 on average, when it was tattooed than when it was not, 4.38. The approval rating was higher for women with a tattoo: 5.14, compared to 4.51 for women without a tattoo.

Visibly tattooed job applicants can present as attractive candidates in the labour market because they can help to positively convey an organisation’s image or brand, particularly in firms that seek to target a younger, edgier demographic of customer

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