Have a look! Replica of Taj Mahal made up of 280,000 Lego Bricks


The replica of Taj Mahal has been made in Dubai by Legoland that will take your breath away. Taj Mahal is considered as “India’s crowning Jewel” of Agra. It comes under Seven wonders of the ancient world.

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On the occasion of 70th Independence Day, the theme park has unveiled an attractive 280,741-brick replica. Believe it or not, but yes it is real!  

Taj Mahal was build around 20 years back. This replica has 645.9 kg of weight. It took around 2,019 hours to tie pieces of Taj Mahal together, reports Time Out Dubai.

If you want to watch this amazing structure, then you have to wait till October, when the park officially opens.

The park will feature about 15,000 structures made up of about 60 million Lego bricks.

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