Have a look on the changes that have been made in Hyundai Creta!



A multinational conglomerate Hyundai is regularly marking the success with the release of its new cars in the Indian market. Recently, the company has come up with Hyundai Creta.  It has 18.3 kmpl highway mileage, and supports ‘diesel’ as their feul type.

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Just have a look to some of the changes that will be made in the car.

1. Colour Scheme: Just one! This edition will only be available in white colour. It’s a safe choice and we must say, white with all the rest of the bodywork does make this special edition standout

2. Trim: Again, just one! It will be available only on the SX+ trim

3. Engine: Both petrol and diesel engines will be available in this edition  

4. Blackened Top: The roof along with pillars will get a glossy black paint. It’s a nice contrast overall w.r.t the white colour scheme on offer

5. Body decals: It will endorse the ‘1 Anniversary Edition’ decal on the C-pillars while dual colour decal strips in matte grey and red are also a part of the package  

6.  No chrome bar at the back: Yes, for many who felt that the use of chrome is a bit too loud, Hyundai has made a change at the back. This edition will sport a body-coloured bar at the top of the number plate on the tailgate instead of a chrome set-up.

7. Interiors: On the inside, Hyundai has used a red and black theme to jazz up the interiors. The seats adorn a red layout along with red stitching on the sides. The dashboard also gets the red flavour on the vertically-stacked AC vents while the rest of the cabin gets a black treatment. The steering wheel will be draped in leather. On the whole, the cabin does appear sporty.

8. Only in Manual, No Automatic: From what we could gather, this edition will only be available with manual transmission      

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On the mechanical front, the engines will remain unaltered. Bookings have started for this edition, Hyundai is expecting deliveries to commence sometime soon. Although, we could not close in on the exact premium that Hyundai will ask for this edition, but one can expect an increase of Rs 35,000-40,000 for the Anniversary Edition Creta.