Hasina asks AL men to work for retaining power


Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has called upon the Awami League leaders and workers to carry out campaign for the party to retain state power, saying that the country will fall behind if any other party comes to power.

“Country’s development will continue only if Awami League is there in power … the country will fall behind if any other party comes to power,” she told a civic reception organised by All European Awami League at Four Seasons Hotel here on Tuesday evening.

Sheikh Hasina said Awami League sincerely wants the country’s development as it sacrificed a lot for Bangladesh. “It’s a responsibility for the Awami League to develop the country and we would continue to do it Insha Allah,” she said.

The prime minister said Awami League was born in the hands of the Father of the Nation. “The party which brought independence of the country could only make development of the country … any other party other than AL could not do it,” she said.

The prime minister also urged the expatriate Bangladeshis to start their campaign over the next general election. “When you’ll return back home, you’ll have to ask one question to your fellow-villagers whether they want development or not,” she said.

President of All European Awami League Anil Dasgupta directed the meeting, while Awami League pioneers from various European nations tended to the capacity. 

Remote pastor AH Mahmood Ali and LGRD and cooperatives serve Khandakar Mosharraf Hossain were available.