Haryana: Woman Commits Suicide After Being Allegedly Raped


Haryana:  A married woman , who was supposedly raped by a man known to her , conferred suicide today in her home in a town in Rohtak locale, police said.The lady made the extreme step when just visually impaired mother-in-law was at home, they said. 

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Police said the victim had earlier said in her complaint that five persons, including the accused known to her, had kidnapped her from near her house in Kalanaur when she had gone out to ease herself on Friday night, but later on changed the statement.They said she had told them five persons, including Sunil, who has been arrested, had bundled her into a car and then taken her to the fields where they gangraped her and later abandoned by the roadside.The victim said she made the earlier statement because she feared wrath of her family, police said.

In her last proclamation made before she made the extreme step  , the victim said that Sunil had taken her on a cruiser on Friday night when she wandered venture outside her home. She was taken to fields by the accused where he raped her. Later, when some passersby saw her, she was rushed to a hospital , they said.Police said the lady cocked a story that she had been abducted and assaulted by the five charged.

However, during counseling yesterday, the victim told a woman police officer that only Sunil was involved in the incident."The casualty stepped by hanging herself in her home today," DSP, Rohtak, Pushpa Khatri said.

He said 26-year-old Sunil of Katesra town was captured and gone up against one-day's police remand for further addressing for the situation.

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