Haryana Government has imposed ban on wearing jeans in school


Chandigarh: Haryana government after the inclusion of Gita in educational curriculum in schools ban teachers from wearing jeans in schools. The government will implement the decision with immediate effect.

The order issued on June 4 has also directed the teachers not to visit the Directorate of Education in Chandigarh in western attire. The government says the teachers should become "role models" for the students and desist from wearing jeans in schools as it is considered improper attire, especially in the rural areas.

It also defended the order citing similar order in states like Odisha, where the government has set a dress-code, black pants and sky blue shirts and pink saris and black blouses for women. However, teachers' bodies are not happy with the decision. With 50% of the over 50,000 teachers in government schools aged below 40, they are used to wearing jeans. 

“We do not mind if the government gives us a dress code. But teachers should be asked what kind of dress code they want. It is not right to issue such letters without consultation. A large number of teachers who are teaching in the schools are young. They at times wear jeans," Primary teachers Association, Rajkiya Prathmik Shikshak Sangh General Secretary Deepak Goswami said.