Harish Rawat today launched a dengue awareness campaign in Dehradun


DEHRADUN: With dengue cases on the ascent in Uttarakhand, Chief Minister Harish Rawat today dispatched a mindfulness crusade in the city being done by the state police as he participated in a tidy up drive clearing gagged channels with the assistance of spades and scoops. 

Mr Rawat got eyeballs as he spent around two hours clearing stifled channels at Balmiki Basti and sprinkling them with lamp oil. 

Naming stagnant water as the rearing ground for mosquitoes, he prompted individuals to continue flushing water compartments and tanks near where they live all the time. 

He requesting that they guarantee that channels around their homes don't get gagged with unpredictable dumping of waste and are sprinkled with lamp fuel on customary interims. 

Mr Rawat by and by went by homes and had various vast water tanks on the rooftops secured. 

Various hazing machines have been squeezed into operation in different territories of the city other than expanding the quantity of beds at the Doon Hospital, he said requesting that individuals not get panicky but rather keep up cleanliness and cleanliness around themselves. 

Dengue cases in Uttarakhand have been on the ascent with the lion's share of cases reported from Dehradun. 

Out of an aggregate of 756 dengue cases reported so distant from various parts of the state, upwards of 709 have been accounted for from the state capital just, as indicated by an official assessment. 

The main pastor is himself observing the circumstance by frequently investigating it in conference with divisions concerned.