Happy gene can also make you prone to Depression


Investigators have established that the similar set of genes that make us happy in our life could also lead to prone depression. The research established that cognitive prejudice happen when people constantly interpret circumstances during exacting mental ‘filters.’ Elaine Fox, Professor at the Oxford University in the UK has also further conveyed that, they propose that though no gene ’causes’ mental ill health, some genes can make people additional sensitive to the effects of their environment — for better and for inferior. The researchers also further conveyed that, persons who have a cognitive bias that emphasises negative aspects or thoughts are additional at risk of mental health disorders. What happens to people’s mental health is pedestal on their environment, not because of dissimilarity in genes. If a person is in a negative environment, he/she is probable to develop the negative cognitive biases that lead to mental disorders.

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The report also further conveyed that, on the other hand, persons with the similar set of genes but in a supportive environment are probable to build up positive cognitive biases that augment mental resilience. For the research, the squad reviewed a number of researches and emphasized the require to combine learning in mental health genetics with those that look at cognitive biases. Chris Beevers, Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, in the US has also further conveyed that, there is a lot of investigation about these biases, and a lot of study regarding genes that may make people susceptible to mental ill health. Though, we propose that it could make more sense to bring jointly these two areas of research.

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