Happy Engineers Day 2017: Social media celebrates this day with funny tweets!


NEW DELHI:  Engineer’s day is commemorated on September 15 every year in India to mark the birth anniversary of Sir M. Visvesvaraya (1861-1962).

Image result for engineersdaySir M. Vidvesvarya is known for his brilliance in controlling water resources. This genius engineer was accountable for thriving design and creation of various river dams as well as bridges. He had invented several irrigation and drinking water proposals across India. He played the role of  dewan of Mysore.

Bharat Ratna awardee, Sir M. Vidvesvarya had proposed and build the K.R. Sagar dam and its adjacent Brindavan Gardens. He had even discovered alluring Mysore Sandalwood Oil Factory.

Image result for engineersdayOn the occasion of Engineer’s Day, PM Narendra Modi paid mark of respect to M. Visvesvaraya and articulated his admiration for the task engineers play in the progress of our country.

PM Modi wrote, “I salute all engineers on #EngineersDay & appreciate their paramount role in the development of our nation.”

Top three engineers around the world : 

Fazlur Rahman Khan

He was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rahman was known for his structural engineering and architect that included tubular designs.  For the first time, this engineer involved computer aided design techniques.

 Image result for Fazlur Rahman KhanSteve Wozniak

He involved structural to electronic engineering and utilized revolutionary technology. Wozniak partnered with Steve Jobs to come up with computer revolution in year 1970s. He invented Apple I.

Image result for Steve WozniakBurt Rutan

Rutan was one of the famous modern engineer.  He invented the plane to fly uncontrollably around the world . On the other hand, he created SpaceShipOne spacecraft to make normal and victorious tours into sub-orbit.

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