Handy and Helpful Safety Pin Hacks!

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Have You ever thought that how useful a tiny Safety pin could be….? If you haven’t than we will tell you some handy and helpful safety pin hacks!

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  • Use the Tiny thing as your safety equipment. Walking alone in the streets at night…Prepare yourself for the worst and keep a safety pin ready in hand. All you need to do is tactfully poke your target with it and run!
  • you can even use a safety Pin as a massive size keychain, this is surely handy and cheap as well. 
  • Use Safety Pin fir securing the bandages or to open up the tightly closed medicine bottles or you can use it as a crepe bandage clipper.
  • You can use that little thing to insert drawstring into your Favourite Pajamas.
  • wearing a back zip dress and cannot reach it to Zip Up..? we feel you… and have got a wonderful solution for you! You can fix a safety pin to the zip to increase the height and make it easier for you to reach all the way back and pull it up. 
  • Safety Pins works great as bag Locks. What you need to do is simply pin the zippers of your bag together from the inside with the help of a safety pin before you shut it completely.
  • For Deep Necklines, use a safety pin to keep your straps in one place and hold them from slipping off. You can also tactfully pin the two straps together to create an X-formation for a racer back top.
  • While Travelling, we always tend to misplace one of the two in a pair like socks and gloves, pinning them together with a safety pin keeps them intact safely.

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Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the lend of Sun, Send and adventures