Hair Chalks to get Stylish look!


In this modern world, every girl is fond of looking gorgeous. For this, they come up with unique accessories, latest hairstyle, hair colors, skin related products etc. Using hair chalks can be something new for you! I am pretty sure that only few people are aware of this. You can try it on your hair to get a new look. The hair chalk is prepared from water-based ink. The ink that is mixed in this chalk acts as a micro-fiber and due to being water-based, it is easily replaced in the hair.  Due to presence of ink in it, it becomes easy to get locked down. To apply hair chalk, it is very necessary to have wet hair.

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Image result for Apply Hair Chalk to get Stylish look!While putting color chalk on hair, it is necessary to twist the hair so that color can be absorbed properly.

To keep the chalk for a long time, use hair dryer immediately after applying a hair chalk, it will dry the chalk and it will last for a long time.

Image result for Apply Hair Chalk to get Stylish look!You can apply color as per your look. Pink or pastel colored striping will look stylish in any type of look.

Never allow hair chalks for longer time in your hair. It absorbs the moisture of hair, so wash it immediately after applying it

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