All Hail India’s Nautch Queen


Helen, the quintessential nautch girl of Hindi cinema, charmingly pouted and pranced her way through countless films. Her work in the movies, some dated to the early 1950s, now occupy a posterity that seemingly stretches to eternity.

In Kasturi (1954), an impossibly young Helen, in only her second solo, appeared sans make-up and unsure about lip-sync.

This Indianised allure and a chastely accented Hindi allowed her to pass off as leading lady in more than a dozen films by the mid-1960s;mostly B-movies with the likes of Dara Singh and Ajit.

Helen Has also given various hit dance numbers. She was and still is known for her ‘Cabaret’ style of dancing. She Is a graceful dancer. Here Dance offs were and still are the Ultimate!