Hacks to Apply Kohl Perfectly


Kohl/ kajal are the basic cosmetic which is majorly and mostly applied by girls’. Applying kohl is add up beauty to girls’ eyes. Indian girls are kind off incomplete without its stroke. Girls do struggle at times to apply perfect kind of kajal and we are getting some amazing hacks for your best stroke of kajal.

Most of the kajal’s are water proof and smudge proof nowadays. Try using smudge proof kajals.

Before applying kajal, make sure your skin is cleansed properly and there should be no dirt. This will enhance the lasting of your make up!

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Basic and daily regime kajal:

Applying this kajal will take less than 2 minutes and best when you are in hurry. This is majorly applied in daily regime.


Smokey eyes:

It has been majorly in trend from really long time. You can apply this kajal on your upper lash line and then rub it gently with the help of petroleum jelly to get the smokey effect.


Winged eyes look:

For winged look you have to pull the kajal in little upper side of lash line. Which gives an impact of slight tilted up eye. Don’t forget to put kajal on the waterline which is little sensitive.

These jeans are best options for short heighted girls!

Lower lash dark kajal

At times, just to give bold look girls generally apply kajal on the lower lash which requires 2-3 dark strokes of kajal to give that bold look. Applying this kajal will take some time.