Habit of Drinking Tea After dinner..? Pay Attention…


Sip of tea releases all day’s stress and alienates fatigue, it is also an essential part for a refreshing start of a day. Having tea after is in the habit of most of the people but do u know this habit of yours deficts your health.

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Some say that they have a habit of drinking tea after meals, especially in the winter  they always need tea after having their meals . But having tea after a meal is necessarily not a good thing to do for your health.

This is because the tea leaves have acidic properties in them and when they meet with the food proteins, the food proteins become rigorous beacuase of which it becomes hard to digest it. So having tea after meals is not preferable. Moreover tea contains caffeine, which increases blood pressure.

The amount of caffeine  increases the amount of Cortisolie meaning steroid hormones, due to which  the body may have to face many problems. These problem include heart-related problems, diabetes and weight rising etc.


Tea contains elements like 'Polifenols' and' Tenins "etc. which do not absorb iron from food for the body. In particular, women who are deficient in iron, etc., drinking tea after meal is harmful for them . If you can not live without tea or coffee at least take an hour gap after eating to intake them.

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