Gwalior: 3 year Old Boy Who Fell Into Borewell Declared Dead By Doctors


Gwalior: A three-year-old boy, who fell into a borewell in Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh on Friday and was rescued on Saturday evening has been declared dead in the hospital. The incident is of Kharigaon village, falling in Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh. The child accidently fall inside the borewell last night.

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Local police was immediately alerted. Help was also sought from the Border Security Force (BSF) personnel. The rescue operations were intensified this morning after a snake was spotted in the same borewell.After nearly a 12-hour rescue operation, the child was brought out from the borewell. As he was rescued, a wave of happiness was seen among the villagers, as they thought the child was safe. However, on being brought to the hospital, he was declared dead.

Although, there were snakes present inside the borewell, the reason the child’s death is suspected to be suffocation. The lack of oxygen deep down the well could be one of the reasons why he lost out of breathe.

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