Gurugram: 4 detained for allegedly assaulting South Korean woman

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Gurugram: Nearly four men have been detained by Delhi Police in Gurugram on Sunday for sexually assaulting a South Korean woman. The matter was informed to the cops by woman herself. She put the charges on man stating that they had forcefully made attempt to take photographs with her and had beaten her friend when they put efforts to rush from the spot. Cops stated, one of the accused even recorded the video of the matter.

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At the time of incident, the woman had been coming back from Jaipur along with her friend. She is an employee at MNC in Gurugram.

The victim stated the cops that she had taken some photographs of the culprit to give to her family members. When woman came in contact with the accuseds, they began recording a video. They hold her hand after she screamed at them to discontinue making video of her.

The culprits then allegedly began taking selfies with her event after she stopped them. They even thrashed her friend. Immediately they informed the matter to the cops after going back into their car.

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An FIR has been lodged against the accused by Delhi cops on Monday. The interrogation has been started by the cops.

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