Guru Purnima 2017 today, know its importance


Guru Purnima is the initial full moon night when the summers are on peak. As per the Hindi calendar, this day comes in the month of Aashad. It has its own significance as it observes people across India expressing gratitude to their ‘gurus’ or teachers. Not only Hindus, Buddhists also sees the day to show respect towards their teacher.

Significance and Puja of Nag Panchami

In the Indian culture, many claim the day came to being with yogis worshiping Sage Ved Vyas who penned down the 4 vedas, profoundly loved by Hindus over the world.

Legend has it that after Sage Vyas composed Rig-Veda, Sama-Veda, Yajur-Veda, and Atharva-Veda, he presented it to the God of creation or birth, Lord Brahma, accordingly loaning them religious significance.

In a few sections of India, it is additionally called Ved Vyas pooja (after holy person Vyas). Self-denial in a few sections of India still respect the holy person with a pooja. Most trust that an enthusiast can revere any of the two of three primary Gods in Hindu religion, Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu.

The way in which this day was commended has been an excursion in itself. While in antiquated history articulation of appreciation included touching master’s feet, fasting and holding a festival for him or her, it has now metamorphosised into festivity of shifted scale and way. Schools and universities hold exceptional occasions to commend this day.

Masters, by and by are not simply instructors. Consequently, many even thank their folks for soaking up intentional learning into their children. A few people even say that if one’s own life is an educator, one could respect oneself with a treat as well.

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Since the day is commended in view of star positions that the Hindi logbook takes after, the day doesn’t take after around the same time each year. A year ago, Guru Purnima was praised on nineteenth July.