Gujarat: world’s first ancient urban settlement, Apparently Hit By by tsunami


PANAJI: Marine archeologists on Monday asserted to have found the world's first old urban settlement, which could have been pulverized by a tidal wave.

Tending to a public interview in Panaji, National Institute of Oceanography Director SWA Naqvi said that the archeological site of Dholavira in the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, which was a very much arranged urban settlement then, was pulverized by a tidal wave around 3,450 years back.

"This is the most established site known not world which we accept was hit by a torrent," he said.

Dholavira is a site of an antiquated metropolitan town of the Harappan period and was known as the biggest port-town of the Harappans which prospered around 5,000 years prior, until the tidal wave demolished it 3,450 years back.

Dholavira, the second biggest Harappan site situated inside the present outskirts of India, involves three sections including a château, the center town and the lower town.

"A one of a kind component of Dholavira is the nearness of a 14-18 meters thick divider, obviously worked as a defensive measure against torrents," said Rajiv Nigam, a lead researcher at the National Institute Of Oceanography.