Gujarat Rajya Sabha Elections To Be Conducted With NOTA Option : Supreme Court


The Supreme Court directed on Thursday that Rajya Sabha polls in Gujarat will be held through NOTA or None of The Above option. It took this decision by dismissing a Congress appeal to put it on stay.

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Both the parties including Congress and BJP have defy NOTA, which permits a voter to dismiss all applicants, stating it is beside the philosophy of roundabout polls.

The Congress had directed in the Supreme Court that “there is no legitimate stipulation for NOTA in the Rajya Sabha elections and no order from the Election Commission”.

The Election Commission had rejected to analyze its verdict to include NOTA, stating it was not a “latest way” and was initiated in 2014.

The Congress demur to NOTA is being noticed during status clashes in Gujarat, Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s supporter Ahmed Patel is looking for new Rajya Sabha term from the state.

Nearly Six lawmakers have resigned the Congress and to protect more desertions. They sent over 40 legislators to Bengaluru, where they are residing in a lavish resort. Eagerly making attempt to maintain its group together, it has blamed Gujarat’s party BJP of trying every ploy feasible to split the Congress and nab its lawmakers before Rajya Sabha elections and also the state election in year 2017 end.

The Congress stated that NOTA in a Rajya Sabha polls, is an effort to pressurize the outcome in Gujarat.

If a politician confronts the party and votes for another person or utilizes NOTA, he cannot be debarred.

The party is open to take punitive step including driving out the associate, who will still stay a lawmaker and his ballot cannot be stopped, as per Election Commission regulations.

In Rajya Sabha elections, lawmakers have to present their ballot paper to an authoritative party representative ahead of keeping it in vote box.

“The utilization of NOTA in an roundabout polls is opposing to the permission of the Constitution, the Representation of the People Act and election regulations,” the Congress stated.

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“First Rajya Sabha election was delayed. Second NOTA was allowed post notification. Reasons best known to the Election Commission,” Ahmed Patel said.