Gujarat lions are not liking Etawah?


New Delhi: Gujarat Lions have became a subject of debate in Lok Sabha with SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav looking for a investigation into the two big cats gifted to Uttar Pradesh.

In context of this matter, Yadav said, "The two lions were gifted by Gujarat to the Etawah Wildlife Lion Safari Park, a dream project of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and the senior Lok Sabha MP himself."

Rajnath Singh inaugurates the first National Conference of investigating agencies

He further added that “My lions have died. (Narendra) Modi (as Gujarat Chief Minister) had gifted us. I want an inquiry into it. How did they die? What were the reasons? If there were shortcomings on our side, we will rectify. But I want a probe,” Yadav said during Question Hour..

Reacting to Yadav's solicitation, Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave said he would attempt to discover the reasons. "I will attempt to discover the reasons and return to you. We will lead a test," he said. By and large 4 lions were talented to Uttar Pradesh by Gujarat three years prior. After Mulayam Singh spoke, Congress pioneer Jyotiraditya Scindia needed to know whether a few lions — no less than 40 — could be moved from Gir National Park of Gujarat to Panna Reserve Forest in Madhya Pradesh. In any case, Dave did not answer to his supplementary, saying it was far from the principle question which was on bio assorted qualities parks.

Scindia's inquiry incited a few MPs from Gujarat to say that lions of their state were not for Madhya Pradesh. This brought about a verbal duel with the Congress pioneer. The debate amongst Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh over translocation of lions from Gir had as of now achieved the Supreme Court which in 2013 permitted the translocation, saying the species was confronting the risk of annihilation and required a second home. Be that as it may, Gujarat has recorded a survey request against this request. The state battles that lions would not be protected in Madhya Pradesh, considering that tiger populace in the Panna Reserve Forest in the state was lessening.

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