Guess who?? This actress is trying to make their bond stronger with superstar’s girlfriend!


This actor is recognized as the biggest star of the bollywood industry. The rumours are going round that one of the young actress who used to like him is trying their best to win over his girlfriend.

But, the reports revealed that the actor had already found his better half and the rumours was such that he already got engaged to this beauty. The news has not been confirmed yet from their family members.

Earlier, the actor was rude to his girlfriend as he was jealous of her.  He used to call her as “Bai”.

However, things have changed now and the actor’s girlfriend is becoming a strong role model in his life day by day.

The couples are putting efforts to make their relationship stronger. They even had laid out rules for each other in the relationship.

Moreover, the other actress is trying to come in between the couples. This young hot girl does not want to burn her bridges with the superstar and has realized that it is best to have his girlfriend as her buddy rather than an enemy.