Guava is best winter Fruit To Keep You disease free!

Fresh Guavas

Guava contains all the essential nutrients including Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron. Not only guava but its seeds and leaves are also very beneficial for our health. Today I am telling you about some benefits of guava.

Scientists Unveil the Deit for Arthritis

If you are worried about problems associated with stomach, then consume guava daily in the morning empty stomach along with black salt. It will help in your digestion process. It will help to improve stomach related problems.

Many times children face problem of worms in the stomach due to which they suffers lot of trouble.  If you are also troubled by the same problem then you must consume guava. All the insects of the stomach will die.

Problem related to eye inflammation can also be overcome by consuming guava. For this, grind the leaves of guava and put it under your eyes; this will remove swelling under your eyes.

Consuming peanuts in winter season provide several health benefits

Nowadays, most people faces problem of constipation, so if you want to get rid of constipation problem, eat the guava empty stomach every morning. By doing so, the problem of constipation will be solved.