GST effect : Apple cuts iPhone costs by 7.5 percent in India


US Tech giant Apple have cut the cost of all iPhone models by 4 to 7.5 per cent. This decision has been taken by following the execution of Goods and Services Tax (GST) across the country. The price of iPhone 7 Plus model (256GB storage) has been slashed from Rs 92,000 to Rs 85,400. While, iPhone 6S (32GB storage) model cost has been dropped down from Rs 52,000 to Rs 46,900.

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The customers who are wishing to take Apple phones can face sigh of relief as the company have decreased the cost of all the phones.

As per the report by Gadgets Now, iPhone SE phone price has been cut by at least 4 per cent while 32GB model price has been dropped down from Rs 27,200 to Rs 26,000.  iPhone SE 128GB model has become cheaper by 6 per cent and it is now available at Rs 35,000.

“Industry experts explained that the overall taxation on iPhones was quite high, so even with the GST rate of 12 per cent and customs duty, the net tax is lower than what was being levied before July 1, hence the price cut,” the report stated.

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The reduction in price of Apple phones will be beneficial for those who are planning to take Apple phones.