Grumpy Elephant comes dangerously close to safari see what happens next


A group of tourists at the Kruger National Park in South Africa were in for a scary encounter when a huge elephant strolled right up to their safari. A video uploaded by the national park on their YouTube channel demonstrates a huge elephant, referred to in the video description as ‘grumpy’, choosing to take a closer look at the tourists and strolling up dangerously near them. ‘That’s enough big boy” a traveler can be heard mumbling nervously in the video as the tusker ambles right up to their vehicle.

Watch the video to find out what occurs next:

Luckily for the travelers, the safari tracker had with him a “knobkierie” or a traditional South African weapon of a stick with a large knob at the top. By waving the stick at the elephant, he figures out how to scare it away. The elephant steps back, possibly thinking that the “knobkierie” was the trunk of a bigger elephant.

An excellent sighting and possibly a lucky escape for the tourists of the safari.