Green tea may help fight memory loss, insulin resistance and obesity


A new study revealed that, drinking green tea may help combat memory impairment, insulin resistance and obesity. Study recommends that EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), copious catechin and biologically vigorous component, could alleviate high-fat and high-fructose (HFFD)-persuaded insulin resistance and cognitive impairment.

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Insulin resistance arises when insulin levels are adequately high over a prolonged period of time causing the body’s own sensitivity to the hormone. Xuebo Liu, a researcher at Northwest A&F University in China has also conveyed that, green tea is the second most consumed drink in the world following water and is grown at least in 30 nations.

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“The ancient habit for drinking green tea might be a more satisfactory contrasting option to drug with regards to battling stoutness, insulin resistance, and memory impedance,” said Liu. Liu and associates partitioned three-month-old male mice into three gatherings in light of eating regimen: a control bunch nourished a standard eating routine, a gathering encouraged a HFFD consume less calories, and a gathering bolstered a HFFD eating regimen and two grams of EGCG per liter of drinking water.

For four months, specialists checked the mice and found that those encouraged HFFD had a higher last body weight than the control mice, and an altogether higher last body weight than the mice sustained both HFFD and EGCG (HFFD+EGCG gathering). In playing out a Morris water labyrinth test, analysts found that mice in the HFFD aggregate took more time to discover the stage contrasted with mice in the control gathering. The HFFD+EGCG amass had an altogether bring down escape inertness and escape separate than the HFFD assemble on each test day.

At the point when the shrouded stage was expelled to play out a test trial, HFFD-treated mice invested less energy in the objective quadrant when contrasted and control mice, with less stage intersections. The HFFD+EGCG bunch displayed a critical increment in the normal time spent in the objective quadrant and had more prominent quantities of stage intersections, demonstrating that EGCG could enhance HFFD-instigated memory disability, researchers said.

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