Green tea effective in lowering kidney damages caused by cancer drug


Green tea is useful in lowering the kidney toxicity and harm caused by cisplatin — an anti-cancer drug, the AIIMS analysts have uncovered.

The research study has assessed the value of ECG, a polyphenolic compound got from green tea in keeping the harm of kidneys incited by the cisplatin.

 Symptoms of cisplatin may incorporate nephrotoxicity and life-undermining harmed kidney. The study by AIIMS Professor Jagriti Bhatia from the Pharmacology Department was distributed in diary 'Research facility Investigations' as of late.

 'On the off chance that this examination advances, it might prompt to another medication which can battle the evil impacts of cisplatin,' said Bhatia.

 Around, 30 for every penny of the treated patients may create nephrotoxicity subsequent to accepting an underlying dosage of cisplatin.

Cisplatin causes creation of free radicals inside cells in kidney which prompts to oxidative anxiety and irritation.