Green chillies helps in controlling blood pressure

Green chili peppers on wooden table

Everyone likes to eat green chillies with food. Only few people know that green chillies are beneficial for our health as it contains elements like Vitamin A, B6, and Protein, which helps us in getting rid of diseases. Besides it contains beta carotene and lutein which cures our health. Green chillies help in getting rid of many health problems that are:

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  • Enhances Digestion System

Green chillies enhance digestive system and contains vitamin C. Its consumption put regular flow of anti-oxidants in the body.

  • Reduction in weight

Eating green chillies keeps regular flow of calories in the body; which helps in reducing weight and also increases metabolism

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  • High blood pressure

High blood pressure patients are asked to eat low chilli food. Green chilli helps in controlling control blood pressure. Patients with this isal blood pressure should include green chillies in their diet. It also has blood sugar control.

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  • Beneficial for eyes and skin

Green chillies very beneficial for eyes and skin and removes the dryness of the skin. Vitamin C and beta carotene removes the problems.

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