Greece : Boat sank into the sea, At least 700 people reportedly on board, more than 250 rescued so far


Greece : At least 700 migrants were believed to be on board a boat that capsized off the Greek island of Crete Friday, with hundreds still missing, the International Organization for Migration said. Three bodies were recovered, and a rescue operation going on. 

According to reports, there were at least 700 people on board. The coast guard said the roughly 25 meter vessel, which resembled a large fishing boat, had been carrying an undetermined number of people when it was located today half-sunk about 75 nautical miles south of Crete in international waters, and within Egypt’s search and rescue area of operation. Greece was sending two patrol vessels, a military airplane and three helicopters, while five passing ships were participating in the rescue operation. "Over 250 people have been rescued from a shipwreck off Crete which is believed to have left Africa with at least 700 migrants on board," the organisation said in a statement.