In Greater Noida African Woman Pulled Out Of Auto And Thrashed


An African understudy was whipped so seriously at the beginning of today that she was hospitalized.

The episode occurred at Knowledge Park in Greater Noida. The lady was headed to college when her autorickshaw was halted by unknown men who whipped her and fled. The lady has been admitted to Kailash Hospital. This is third assault since Monday on Africans in and around Delhi.

In one assault, which has been gotten on mobile video, a Nigerian student was beaten with steel dustbins, kicked and punched by an extensive mob inside a shopping center in Greater Noida close Delhi.

The assaults started with a protest in Greater Noida over the passing of a Class 12 student, which turned fierce. The dissidents asserted that Nigerians providing drugs were the reason the boy died, in spite of the fact that a drug overdose has not been affirmed. Amid the march, the dissidents spotted three Africans almost a shop and assaulted them fiercely.