Grandparents celebrate 57 years of affection with notebook themed photoshoot


There are no preferable models over this Oklahoma couple for a photograph shoot enlivened by The Notebook, particularly since their entire life appears to be lifted from a film.

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A weekend ago, Clemma and Sterling Elmore, 76 and 80, diverted their best Allie and Noah in a shoot demonstrated after scenes from The Notebook, shot by their own one of a kind granddaughter-in-law, Stacy Welch-Christ, of Mary Evelyn Photography.

"They're as lovable as they look in those photos," Welch-Christ, of Wewoka, told

Indeed, the narrative of their 57 years together mirrors the 2004 film and the 1996 book on which it was based.

After they met, they promptly started going relentless. Inside four months, the couple were uncontrollably enamored and wedded.

To set up the photograph shoot, Welch-Christ said they reproduced notes they regularly kept in touch with each other throughout the years, reflecting the letters Noah put something aside for Allie while he was serving in World War II.

They even have a vintage truck that their kids and grandchildren grew up riding.

"That truck is super nostalgic as well," their granddaughter-in-law said. "The '54 Chevy in the photo was their child's truck. The greater part of their children have had pictures in it and they've driven down soil streets with their father."

Coordinated with the pleasant nation background, Welch-Christ said the shoot couldn't have gone better.

"I'm to a great degree nostalgic," she said. "I'd abhor it on the off chance that they didn't recognize what '[The Notebook]' was, however [Clemma] goes, 'Goodness we cherish that film. Both me and Sterling adoration it.'"

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