Govt will be fair in taking action against Yellow Shirts or Red shirts


KUALA LUMPUR: Action will be taken against any gathering that has damaged the law specifically the Peaceful Assembly Act, said Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. 

He said the legislature won't bargain regardless of on the off chance that they are yellow shirts or Red shirts. 

"The legislature will be reasonable and we will make a move paying little respect to the shading. In the event that there is any gathering that disregarded the law particularly the Peaceful Assembly Act, move will be made. We will keep the law," he told correspondents at Parliament campaign today.

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Asked on the Red Shirts pioneer Datuk Jamal Md Yunus claims that Bersih has joins with Daish, Ahmad Zahid said he doesn't have any data on the matter. 

Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) guiding panel administrator Maria Chin Abdullah had documented a claim Sungai Besar UMNO division boss Datuk Jamal Md Yunus for partner her with fear monger aggregate, Daish. 

On Oct 8, a gathering of men in red shirts tossed eggs on two men wearing Bersih T-shirts. 

Three writers from a neighborhood daily paper were roughed up while covering a Bersih 5 guard in Kuala Selangor on Oct 15. 

The men were accepted to be individuals from the Red Shirts, a gathering drove by Jamal. 

A video cut on the occurrence around 6pm, before the passageway of a grocery store in Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor had since turned into a web sensation via web-based networking media. 

Police have since confined three men regarding the episode.

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