Govt plans to secure leopard Found in park : New Delhi


Worried that the leopard as of late located at the Delhi Bio-differing qualities Park may confront an indistinguishable destiny from the one battered to death by a crowd in Gurugram, the Delhi government is thinking about moving the huge feline to the Delhi zoo or the neighboring Uttarakhand’s Rajaji National Park.Sources said the backwoods division authorities have been requested that complete an intensive overview in the matter.

“We have ordered our officials to conduct a fact-finding survey in the reported sighting of a leopard in the Yamuna Biodiversity park. While the sighting is an indicator of the good quality of wildlife in the forest area, our primary concern is the leopard’s safety,” said Environment and Forest Minister Imran Hussain.

An official said: “Two wildlife inspectors have been deployed to find pug marks, if available, for assessment of the age of the leopard. Also, once the location of the animal is identified, we will place cages with baits at appropriate sites to ensure that it can be transferred to a more secure site.”

The choice comes a day after a panther was battered to death by irate villagers in Gurugram’s Sohna range, after the cat strayed in the zone and harmed a few villagers. The fierce swarm battered the panther within the sight of police and timberland office authorities.

The locating of the panther at the Delhi Development Authority (DDA)- run stop had come as a shock to environmentalists and researchers, who looked for quick strides for its security.

Senior authorities in the Delhi government said guaranteeing the wellbeing of creatures was a privilege of the state government under the Wildlife Protection Act-1972, and that it was thinking about the exchange of the creature, as it may likewise represent a danger to people.

“Our ebb and flow review proposes that it perhaps strayed from its gathering, which implies that it might meander looking for them. Likewise, in light of what happened in Gurugram, it is basic to move the panther. The legislature is, notwithstanding, yet to take a choice on whether to discharge it in the Rajaji National Park or to move it to the Delhi zoo,” said an authority.