Government working to transform Railways into real engine of growth, says Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu


PUNE:  Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu on Saturday conveyed that, the administration is operational to transform the railways into a “real engine of growth”, pressuring that directing the transporter was multifaceted.

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Railway Minsiter further conveyed that, few say, why are you not making a profit out of the railways and another complaining of charging so much. Few ask why the food is not good as we get in five-star hotels and on the other hand some ask why you are charging Rs. 100 for a meal.

Prabhu further conveyed that, if there is any educational institute, which is going to teach how to direct the railways, it should actually be qualified to have a Noble Prize, because directing the railways is so multifaceted.

There is always a contrast of the Indian Railways with the Chinese and Japanese railways. He further added that, we can do better than them, provided we do everything, Chinese and Japanese did 30-40 years ago. China invested 140 billion dollars year following year.

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