Government Spent Rs. 3 Crore On Gaikwad Committee in Tribal Department Scam


MUMBAI: Maharashtra government has spent Rs. 3 crore in the last two-and-half years on the managerial costs of the Justice M G Gaikwad advisory group, testing an asserted trick in the Tribal Affairs Department amid the past Congress-NCP administration.

As indicated by a Government Resolution (GR) issued as of late, the council has been given a last expansion of six months and is required to present its report inside the time period.

The board was established to lead an investigation into a Rs. 6,000 crore trick in the Tribal Affairs Department in the residency of then NCP pioneer and Tribal Minister Vijaykumar Gavit who is currently a BJP MLA.

“We have given an expansion for the last time as the board of trustees has officially burned through more than two years in testing the claimed trick,” Principal Secretary, Tribal Welfare Department Rajgopal Deora said.

At the point when gotten some information about cash spent so far by the legislature on the advisory group, Mr Deora said, “State government has spent more than Rs. 3 crore in the last two-and-half years on the compensation of the staff of the Commission and office costs.”

The five-part panel was selected by the administration on 15 April, 2014, upon a request of the Bombay High Court on March 27, 2014, amid the becoming aware of a PIL. The council has its office in Nashik.

The PIL had claimed that the Tribal Welfare Department made buys without calling for tenders and the sums appeared as dispensed towards tribal welfare were really redirected.

It was charged that the cash was directed in the middle of 2004-09 in the buy of different things for controling lack of healthy sustenance, dissemination of milch creatures to tribals and so forth.

The GR additionally made it clear that no further expansion will be given to the advisory group as it has officially conceded a few augmentations as and when inquired.