Government: possession and sale of fireworks of foreign origin in India are illegal


NEW DELHI: In view of upcoming festival season and objections from affiliations, the government today said possession and sale of firecrackers of foreign source in India are illegal and punishable under the law.

The trade and industry service said data in regards to possession and/or offer of illegal firecrackers might be accounted for to the closest police headquarters for suitable action.

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) has gotten various grumblings and representations with respect to stealthy import of firecrackers of remote cause under false announcements, the service said in an announcement.

Different firecrackers affiliations have over and over raised this issue, saying these snuck things incorporate 'potassium chlorate', which is an unsafe and risky substance and can touch off or detonate suddenly.

"Possession and sale of fireworks of foreign origin in India are illegal and punishable under the Law, information about possession and/or sale of such fireworks may be reported to the nearest police station for suitable action," it said.

Fireworks in India have been declared as a restricted item in respect of import by the director general of foreign trade, it added.
and the like of any explosive containing sulphur or sulphurate in admixture with any chlorate is banned in the country.

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"Till date, no licence for import of fireworks has been granted under the Explosives Rules, 2008, by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation, a s
The manufacturing, possession, use, sale subordinate office of DIPP," it said.

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