Gourd Ka Halwa Recipe


Ingredients :-

Sugar – 250 grams
Mawa – 200 gm
Native Ghee – Two Tablespoons
Cashew – two tablespoons
Raisins – 8, 10
Cardamom powder – half a spoon

Related imageMethod :-

To make gourd pudding, first wash and wash the gourd and after this, tighten it with a pumpkin.

After this, keep the grate on it and put gourd and sugar in the pan. Cook gourd until its water gets squeezed well.

Image result for LockeyHalwaWhen all the water is dissolved, add ghee and fry for 5 minutes. After this, add mawa and cook maize properly.

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After some time, turn off the gas and put cardamom powder and all the fruits in it. Mix all well and cool down. Gourd pudding is ready.