Gorgeous Hair styles for New Year 2017


Stunning, fashionable, Adorable are not just words to express the beauty of a person. Every girl desires to look gorgeous in this contemporary world. If we talk about festival or any occasion, the girl adds their most of it to love ravishing. As Christmas and New Year is approaching, girls can make different hair styles with their attractive attires. For night parties, you can beautify yourself with the help of these hairstyles. Girls can also make use of hair accessories too to look similar to celebs. Here are some tips for you :

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Flower Braid 

Take a section of hair from both sides of your head and make small pony at the back side of your head. Later, take the pony down to your head. Pin at sections of the braid to untie it to make it look more capacious. The blown up edges also assist to give flower-petal finish. Rotate the braid around into a bun and clip it firmly against your head.

A Classy Pony

Divide your hair into two even layers, first in the frontage and another in the reverse side and make ponytail. On the front, pull the right half across the back of your head over your hair tie and clip it on top of the ponytail to wrap the stretchy. Later, drag the front left section crossways the rear of your head, wrapping it over the ponytail and clip it firmly to your head.

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Easiest Curls Ever

Make high pony with the help of fabric-covered elastic and divide the tail in half. Enfold the first half over and around a 1-inch bending rod for 10 seconds dependent on how effortlessly your hair curls. Do again with the second half. Take your ponytail down and divide the curls with your fingers.